01Evaluate the National and International Standards and Identify the main impacts for the project development and the gaps to be filled by the project in the standards development.

02Identify and Select Best SCP Practices in the area of food processing sustainability. Analysis of synergies and complementarities with other SCP projects.

03Identify Supply Chain Actors Requirements through the organisation of Consultation Workshops.

04Definition of the Sustainability Conformity Model based on
Design for Sustainability Method.

05Execute Voluntary Auditing Programmes of 600 Chinese Food SMEs for their evaluation against the Legal Framework and the Sustainability Conformity Model.

06Analyse the consumers’ point of view regarding sustainability issues
through the organisation of Consultation Workshops.

07Develop the Certification and Eco-Label Scheme and Develop the Standard guidelines.

08Evaluate and Certificate 80 Food SMEs against the sustainable model and with the certification, corporate sustainable reporting and eco-label scheme adapted within the project.

09Develop a dedicated Consumers’ Communication Plan to reach potential green products' consumers including the definition of the material, tactics

10Identification of the policymakers/ public organisation that promulgate and promote the implementation of SCP legislation. Contact and implication of such entities in the project.

11Standardisation Efforts. Contact with policymakers in several milestones during the project completion. Forums and Policy Dialogs at local, regional and national government level.

12Develop and Implement a Communication and Visibility Plan.

13Design and Execute Capacity Building activities on the adoption of SCP Standards for food-sector agents and other relevant stakeholders. Develop guidelines for the implementation of sustainable practices in the Chinese Food Industry.

14Networking Activities

This Project has been funded by the European Commission programme Switch Asia



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