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foto-presenta-homeFood industry represents nowadays a crucial motor for economic development. However, it has serious impacts on environment due to water and energy consumption, and pollution of high organic strength liquids. The issue of occupational health and safety, and of product quality create a great concern as well. Adding to this, the globalization and changes in consumer’s preferences contribute to the demise of traditional production systems and SMEs.

The project will directly work with at least 600 Chinese Food SMEs which will participate in the Voluntary Auditing Programmes. 80 SMEs of them will be selected for certifying their products and processes against the Sustainability Conformity Model and eco-labels designed in this project. The project will also directly reach over 9.784 Food SMEs which will be engaged during the capacity building process focused on methodologies and practices on SCP adoption. The implementation of the action will strengthen the sustainability eco-efficiency and CSR capacities of Food SMEs. The project will also address 30 Food Consumers Organisations, providing them with the accessibility to understandable and accurate information about foodstuff environmental and sustainable performance.



The project seeks

• To contribute to the adoption of sustainable production practices in the food sector in Sichuan, Henan and Qinghai Provinces in China by fostering of the capacities of the food sector.

• To contribute to the promotion of sustainable consumption by helping and encouraging consumers in making informed choices of sustainable and eco-efficient produced foodstuffs.

• To enable an enhanced sustainable performance of production and consumption models in the Chinese Food Sector

The Capacity Project will work on an integrated approach by considering both production and consumption aspects by:

- Helping food SMEs to improve the efficiency, environmental performance, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of their processes and to enhance the visibility, exportability and market penetration of their products to national and international markets

- Helping and encouraging consumers in choosing sustainable and eco-efficient products and

- Training up local services providers as expert trainers/consultants to ensure the replication of successful approaches and methodologies, contributing to the further sustainability of the project’s results.


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This Project has been funded by the European Commission programme Switch Asia



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